Press & Praise

Interview with FM News New York 101.9 about Chinatown Restaurant Week

“Here’s a great new app for both Chinatown aficionados and amateurs that can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options in the area.”
Eater NY

“Chinatown can be intimidating, but with Chinatown Chow Down, it’s suddenly much more accessible. The app is like having an expert in your pocket… The user interface is clean and simple, the information is comprehensive without being overwhelming and, at $1.99, it’s priced like much of the food in the neighborhood that it covers.”

“Are you craving Chinese, but wary of wading through hundreds of Chinatown choices? There’s an app for that.”
New York Post

“Craig Nelson figured out Manhattan’s Chinatown on his own. Not For Tourists guide editor by day, Nelson spent years worth of lunches trying every place he could walk to near their offices. Then he made his own app (Insert gong sound here).”
Joe Ray, award-winning food and travel writer

“Thanks goodness for this app! …it thoroughly covers a vast amount of Chinatown spots, via the written word and through excellent photos, as well.”

“We’ve road-tested the app more heavily than almost any other on our phones, and keep finding more to recommend it. Select your destination, and you’ll encounter the best part of the app: Nelson’s funny and spot-on reviews of every single stand, bakery, and restaurant. We dig you, Chinatown Chow Down, for giving one of the city’s best destinations for amazing, cheap eats a mobile concierge of its own. ”

“Chinatown Chow Down provides hand-picked information on over 115 places to eat including dozens of hidden gems, hole-in-the walls and street carts, some offering meals for as little as $3.”

“Mapping the restaurants in Chinatown can definitely be a daunting task. Choice is seemingly neverending, with nearly every nook and cranny of the neighborhood peppered with restaurants. Some large and clearly marked, others not so much. Well, there’s now an app for that. Enter the handy Chinatown Chow Down mobile application.”
Bowery Boogie

“A must for anyone who needs a little help down in Chinatown.”
-The MMMGuide

“New York’s oldest dim sum restaurant is celebrating its recent renovation in collaboration with the release of the new Chinatown Chowdown iphone/ipad App by Craig Nelson.”
-Untapped New York

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