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Exploring the Street Eats of Chinatown

Street food is an essential part of New York City life. From a cheap hot dog on the run to a scoop of artisanal ice cream, there’s a huge range of grub served on the sidewalks of the city. Chinatown is no different. However, it’s hard to find information on all the great spots, so that’s why we included plenty of food carts in the app with locations, hours, and quirky details to help you track them down. Check out a few photos of some of our favorite vendors and of our favorite street foods. And if you find any Chinatown street eats we missed, drop us a line and we’ll add them to version 2 of the app.

Frying up chicken at Shing's Food Shop.

Eater NY Readers Have the Chow Down’s Back

Chinatown Chow Down was recently featured on the popular food blog Eater NY. This was great press. But what made this post special were the commenters that came to the Chow Down’s defense when someone complained that the app should be free (instead of costing the very small sum of $1.99). One response summed it the best “It was totally worth $1.99 to learn that Chinatown has a restaurant called Golden Steamer.”

It’s Not Page Six, But Page Four Ain’t Bad

Ok, this was a surreal moment. Opening up the New York Post yesterday to page four and finding a nice little article on a certain Chinatown app wedged  between Weinergate and Bradley Cooper’s handsome mug. Name of the article? “An ‘app’-etizer” of course! Thank you NY Post.

New York Post May 30, 2011 Edition

Peel and Eat

Some stickers just arrived in the mail. Mission: to hit up Chinatown business included in the app and hope they put it up in their window. A big thanks to Design is the Norm!

“The app is like having an expert in your pocket”

It’s been one week since the launch of the app, and the first review has appeared on the InterWebs. Mike Barish, one of our favorite (and funny) travel writers, is first out of the gate with a review of Chinatown Chow Down on the travel blog His article digs in deep and comes up smelling like dumplings:
“we can legitimately see ourselves using Chinatown Chow Down regularly”
“the information is comprehensive without being overwhelming”
“truly helps users satisfy their cravings even when they can’t read all of the signs”
Read the whole review.

App Featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy

The champagne is being uncorked! Or at least a couple of Tsigntaos have been cracked open. Chinatown Chow Down was released on lucky Friday the 13th. Even better, Apple has it featured on the Travel App homepage.

Street Food, Dumplings, Banh Mi, Bakeries, Hand-Pulled Noodles, BBQ, Seafood…

Good news for people who love to eat well. And eat very cheap. Chinatown Chow Down NYC will soon be available on iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Packed with tons of great places to explore, it’s a bargain for only $1.99. Become a friend on Facebook to keep up with all the latest updates and news.